NPC Pay Guideline

Please note – this is only a guide to assist you when hiring a Carer or charging a family, but ultimately it is between the employee and employer to both feel comfortable and agree on a rate. The rates below are all before tax and rates will likely be higher if a Carer works as a sole trader thus organising his / her own tax, super etc.

On our website we do not approve ads paying below $25 per hour. From 1 July 2017, minimum wage is $18.28 permanent and $22.85 casual (national minimum wage for adults).

Professional and Experienced Carers | $25 + per hour

  • Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  • Full First Aid Certificate
  • Police Check
  • Certificate, Diploma or Higher qualifications
  • 2 years + experience
  • Before / After School Care
  • Casual Babysitters
  • Mother’s Helpers (a Carer who assists the Mother at home)
  • Nanny Share (two families split the cost for one Nanny min $30ph)

Before and After School Care | $25 per hour min

Before and After School Care roles are just that. Carers who come before and/or After Daycare/Preschool/School to pick up/drop off and care for your child or children. Due to the short hours involved (usually 3-4hrs), we have set an absolute minimum of $25 per hour and we suggest providing Carers with a minimum of 3 hours to make the role more attractive and feasible.

Please be aware, these roles are quite hard to fill and suit a certain type of person. Uni Students or mature age Carers are a great fit as predominately Full-time Carers are booked throughout the day and not available for short hours in the morning or afternoon.

Carers either use their own car and are then reimbursed for petrol, or a car is provided for them. If you are finding it difficult to attract suitable applicants, you may need to increase the hourly rate to find the right person.

Housekeepers / Nanny / House Managers | $27 per hour min

We have set a minimum of $27 per hour for any Housekeeping / House Manager roles advertised on NPC. A Housekeeper is a domestic service professional who has general responsibility for the maintenance and cleaning of a private household. A housekeeper’s primary job responsibility is to maintain the employer’s home in a clean and presentable manner at all times. A housekeeper may live in or live out, and may be employed on either a full time or a part time basis. A housekeeper is ‘hands on’ in the performance of his/her job responsibilities. A housekeeper may supervise other household staff, but this is not the norm.

Due to the change in families needs, are now some roles that are seeing a Carer be responsible for both the care of the children and the household. The position of Nanny / House Manager requires the following skills – self starter, time management, organisation, tact, honesty, and basic money handling and accounting. May require dietary training if meal planning is required.

A Housekeeper / Nanny / House Manager may be paid on either an hourly or a salaried basis.

Nanny Share – $30 per hour min (split between two families)

Nanny Share is when two families ‘share’ the one Nanny for their children. The families split the cost of the Nanny and care is provided in one of the family’s homes. This option is an attractive affordable option for families and becoming more popular as childcare costs are on the rise. However, Employers do need to factor in when the other family goes on Holidays, as the Nanny should still be compensated at the full rate. This should also apply when the other child is sick and the Nanny is only looking after one child.

Au Pair Live In | $300 per week min

An Au Pair is a young adult from another country who lives with your family and provides in-home childcare (like a Nanny but less qualified and experienced). Au pairs work up to 35 hours per week, in exchange for the opportunity to live with an Australian family. Because Au pairs provide live-in childcare, they offer greater flexibility, caring for your children at times that accommodate your family’s individual schedule. Au pairs can fulfill a variety of roles that help your family thrive and grow. We have set a minimum of $300 per week, which is used as their ‘pocket money’. This also includes accommodation, meals and whatever additions you are in a position to provide.

Throughout your time together, your Au pair can take on many responsibilities to help you with a broad range of childcare needs – the details are for you to decide. Typically, Au pairs care for children and related tasks such as:

  • Entertaining your children and teaching them about a new culture
  • Preparing your children’s meals and cleaning up after their mealtime
  • Helping with homework, packing lunches and taking your children to school
  • Driving your children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities
  • Assisting with light household childcare related tasks such as doing your children’s laundry and keeping their rooms tidy
  • Bathing and dressing your children

Demi Pair / Student Live in Carer

Demi pairs are young people from overseas who attend language classes during the day. As such they have less time to assist with child care and more basic language skills. Typically, demi pairs help families with older children with after school care (from 3:00pm until 7:00pm).

Responsibilities may include:

  • Picking children up from school
  • Driving children to their after school activities
  • Preparing afternoon snacks
  • Helping children with homework
  • Preparing and serving children’s dinner
  • Bathing children and preparing them for bed

Demi pairs work a maximum of 15-20 hours per week and usually they only take four to six month placements with families because of their language courses. In Australia, demi pairs are currently only available in the major cities. Extra hours may be agreed upon with your individual family and pocket money given in exchange for any help beyond the 15-20 hours.

Live in Nanny | $800 per week min

Live in’s are not as common as they use to be. They usually live in for 7 days, work 5 days a week or they might go home on the weekend.  Live in Nannies are typically (but not always) younger Carers with minimum 2 years experience. The rate is generally about $850.00 per week which includes all food, accommodation and utilities.

Fuel and Car Use

Please be aware that like in any job where you use your own personal car, your employer needs to pay for the use of it (fuel, wear and tear on the car). This is no different when it comes to Nannying. If you require your Nanny or Babysitter to use their car, make sure you’re paying them for this on top of their wage,whether it be logged per kilometre or weekly allowance.