NPC Pay Guideline

Please note – this is only a guide to assist you when hiring a Nanny or charging a family, but ultimately it is between the employee and employer to both feel comfortable and agree on a rate. The rates below are all before tax and rates will likely be higher if a Nanny works as a sole trader thus organising her own tax, super etc.

On our website and Facebook group, we do not approve ads paying below $22 per hour. Minimum wage is $17.29 permanent and $22.08 casual (national minimum wage for adults).

Junior Carers

$22 – 25 per hour

  • Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  • Police Check
  • First Aid Certificate
  • CIII in Early Childhood Education & Care (for Childcare Educators)
  • 2 years + experience
  • Before and After School Care
  • Mother’s Helper

Professional and Experienced Carers

$25 – 35 + per hour

  • Full First Aid Certificate (Asthma & Anaphylaxis, CPR trained)
  • Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  • Police Check
  • Diploma or Higher qualifications
  • 5 years + experience, including sole care for newborn
  • Full Nursery duties (Nursery duties is all care relating to the children)
  • other duties included – educating, hygiene (including bath/shower & toilet training), planning and preparing meals, odd shopping for items like milk and bread, children’s laundry, children’s wardrobe maintenance, changing the children’s bedding, planning outings, observing behaviour, behaviour management, tidying up meals, cleaning toys and organising toys, vacuuming play areas, in some cases shopping for children’s aids (shoes,clothes, toys etc) and possible event organising

Nanny Share – $15ph min (each family)

Nanny Share is when two families ‘share’ the one Nanny for their children. The families split the cost of the Nanny and care is provided in one of the family’s homes. This option is an attractive affordable option for families and becoming more popular as childcare costs are on the rise.

Mummy Nanny – $15ph min

A Mummy Nanny is a nanny that brings her own child to work and cares for both your child and her child in your own home. This type of nanny will always attend to your child first if your child has been hurt or is crying. This is also another great way to have a friend or playmate for your child as most times the nannies child is not of school age.

Housekeepers – $25ph min

We have set a minimum of $25 per hour for any Housekeeping roles advertised on NPC. A housekeeper is a domestic service professional who has general responsibility for the maintenance and cleaning of a private household. A housekeeper’s primary job responsibility is to maintain the employer’s home in a clean and presentable manner at all times. A housekeeper may live in or live out, and may be employed on either a full time or a part time basis. A housekeeper is ‘hands on’ in the performance of his/her job responsibilities. A housekeeper may supervise other household staff, but this is not the norm.

  • Cleaning the interior of the home and the immediate areas outside (patios, porches, decks, walks)
  • Kitchen maintenance – dishes, cupboards, pantry, counters and floors.
  • Laundry (Clothing & household linens)
  • Bed making, routine bedding & linen changes
  • Meal Preparation & Service
  • Assisting with the cooking and serving for special events
  • Grocery shopping and other household errands
  • Keeping the household supplies fully stocked
  • Receive & serve guests
  • Pet care
  • Plant care (household)
  • Silver Polishing
  • Secure/supervise tradesmen/contractors
  • Organisation: may rotate seasonal clothing in closets, maintain pantry and routinely clear out of date and spoiled items.
  • Housesitting while the employer is out of town
  • Occasional childcare
  • Household bookkeeping and/or accounting tasks

The position of housekeeper does not require special education. Skills required include self starter, time management, organisation, tact, honesty, and basic money handling and accounting. May be a uniformed staff position. May require dietary training if meal planning is required. Housekeeper is supervised by the homeowner in smaller households, and by the Household Manager in larger households and estates. A housekeeper may be paid on either an hourly or a salaried basis.

Fuel and Car Use

Please be aware that like in any job where you use your own personal car, your employer needs to pay for the use of it (fuel, wear and tear on the car). This is no different when it comes to Nannying. If you require your Nanny or Babysitter to use their car, make sure you’re paying them for this on top of their wage,whether it be logged per kilometre or weekly allowance.