Our Facebook Group Guidelines

Our Facebook group (previously known as Eastern Suburbs Nannies) was created in August 2012 by Kelly Zochling and was set up for the Nanny community, to allow Parents, Child Carers and Childcare Providers to connect without the high cost of fees. In 2015 Kelly founded Nanny Peacock Connect (an online platform) to help manage and work inconjuction with the group. The group was rebranded NPC in March 2017.

Nanny Peacock Connect is for:

  • Experienced, Professional Nannies, Babysitters, Childcare Educators and Au Pairs looking for work
  • Australian Families looking for an Experienced, Professional Nanny, Babysitter or Live in Nanny or Au Pair
  • Nanny Share & Mummy Nanny Arrangements
  • Childcare Providers looking for staff and posting Vacancies
  • Childcare Provider recommendations/advice

Contacting Admin

Unless urgent, please try and NOT contact admin via PM. Read our Guidelines and then if you still need to contact admin, please send any questions/queries to our Facebook page or via email hello@nannypeacockconnect.com.au

Post Requirements / Guidelines

  • All Job posts MUST be located within the Australia (International jobs need approval by Admin and need to be paid for via the Post a Job form).
  • Parents to post a job, please first register on the website and purchase a job listing.This gives you access to post in the Facebook group for that time period. Please use the ‘selling feature’ when posting in the group and include all relevant info
  • Each paid listing will expire after the time period indicated in the package purchased. If you wish to repost after this time, a new listing will need to be purchased, unless approved by Admin.
  • Age of children, location and hourly rate needs to be indicated on job listings. This helps attract applicants, keeps the newsfeed tidy and easy to read and also ensures efficient admin approval. This helps everyone in the group, including the person posting and is for your and the groups benefit.
  • Carers must first post a profile on our website, have a WWCC, First Aid and min 2 years experience in the industry in order to post in this group.
  • If Carers would like to promote their Professional FB Page/website in our group or are a ‘Specialised Carer’ (Baby Sleep Consultant, Swim Coach, Doula etc) who also offers Nanny or Babysitting services please also register on the website. Fee applies.
  • For safety reasons, all posts must be posted by a member of the group. Non members can register and place an AD via the website, which then gets shared in the group.
  • All job listings being posted need to be PAID for with money, not paid in exchange for accommodation/gifts etc
  • Carers are not permitted to post photos of children even if they have permission from the parent. These posts will not be approved.
  • Once your role has been filled, please comment on your post to advise applicants.

Pay Guideline

Please refer to our Pay Guideline. Please always state your hourly rate or intended pay rate on your listing and Facebook post. Families advertising on our platform and accept these Terms and Conditions are agreeing to pay the minimum pay rate (for the indicated role) as outlined in our pay guideline.

Working with Children Checks

Carers require a valid PAID Working with Children Check (WWCC) in order to advertise on our platform. With over 20,000 members across our groups we are unable to screen all members for this, so parents and employers need to be aware of this and remember to do their own interviewing and reference checking procedure. As much or as little is up to the employer as ultimately all responsibility lays with them. It is the responsibility of Parents to remember to ask for this when hiring a Nanny or Babysitter.

First Aid

Carers also require a up to date First Aid to advertise on our platform. First Aid Courses are paramount to Child Safety and all Carers looking after Children should complete this important training. Please see our Resources page for suggested training organisations.

Adding Members to the group

Current members can add people to the group by using the ‘Add people to Group’ box on the Right Hand side. Please only add people such as Nannies, Babysitters, Au Pairs, Parents or ‘Parents to be’ and Childcare Providers. If anyone would like to advertise their business, they should contact Admin.

Courtesy Reply / Thank you

When someone has taken the time to respond to your AD/Post, and has put a lot of effort into the message, they are generally expecting a thank you or response of some sort.This goes both ways, for parents and carers. If Parents are busy and don’t have time to respond to everyone, they can comment on their post. eg. ROLE FILLED/NO LONGER AVAILABLE THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR APPLYING. Please remember we are all human with feelings etc. Thank you.

Media Conduct

NO member of our group, (whether you are a journalist, family member,friend or associate of a journalist or in any way associated with media) are to post a screen shot or reference any post or comment made in this group in the media space without WRITTEN consent from Admin as well as the person referenced. Ignoring this guideline will result in immediate removal from the group. This is a safe place where we provide a platform with an expectation that names and personal comments will not end up in the news.

No Soliciting Business Via Private Messages

Members are not permitted to private message other members of this group purely for business purposes unless they have contacted you first. Commenting on relevant posts is permitted but harassing members privately is not.

Childcare Providers

Childcare Providers are welcome to advertise on our platform, to look for staff or notify members of a vacancy in their Childcare business. Please visit the shop to place an advertisement. For all other advertising, please contact admin hello@nannypeacockconnect.com.au

Business Advertising

We run a Business Hour in our Facebook group on Tuesday nights from 8-9pm. Please contact Admin if you wish to advertised during this time. Fees apply.

No Agencies of Nanny / Babysitter Related Services Allowed

  • Nanny Agencies and Nanny/Babysitter related Businesses/Services/Apps are NOT permitted in our group. Anyone affliated to one of these organisations will also not be permitted to join the group.
  • No poaching of any sort will be tolerated and if you are found to be poaching candidates in our group, you will be removed and blocked permanently.
  • If someone is found to be promoting another service by messaging other members directly they will be also removed from the group.


  • All members must be 18 years old or over
  • Members must not offer to work or pay lower than advertised position rate
  • Members must not cancel work or attendance without sufficient notice or reason. Continual breaking of this rule will result in removal from group
  • Members must not advertise roles that vary significantly in practice – hours, cleaning levels, number of children, pay rate etc.
  • Members must not engage or communicate with any other members that can be deemed targeting,bullying or slandering.
  • Admin intend monitor member’s interactions with each other. Please keep this in mind when interacting with each other in the group, offering services or working with each other. Please understand that these rules have been created and will be enforced for the protection of both Carers and Families and have been set by admin.

You are welcome to utilise alternate recruitment tools should these not fit you personally. If you have experienced an interaction with a member that you believe does not reflect the high standards of this site and group please provide feedback to admin.

If you have any other suggestions or recommendations, please let us know.

~ Thank you and enjoy ~